Monday, April 19, 2010

Some of My Favourite Things

So since I suck at blogging, I'm going to try something different!

I'm going to write about some of my favourite Etsy purchases and shops!

First on my list is littlemissfrilly. She sells AMAZING hats for kids. Of course, she's a good friends, but that doesn't mean I can't give her a little praise, right?

Here's just a bit of her work.

Next is rosarenee. Rosa makes upcycles earrings out of magazines and other paper products. How cool is that?!
Again, she's another wonderful friend...but really, what better people to promote?

Here is Rosa's work!

The third seller I love is clairebabydesigns.

Claire made me the most amazing bag...out of an old tee that I LOVED but I knew I would never, ever fit into again!

All I had to do was send her the tee and she took care of the rest!

You can see my actual bag here, but here's a pic from her shop too.

And there are three of my favourite shops!

Since this was so much fun, I'll do it more often....I hope!