Monday, October 4, 2010

The Winners of My 200 Fans Giveaway!

Chosen by, the winners are.....

The $25 credit goes to!

The $15 credit goes to!

The $10 credit goes to micasgirl!

Please email me at, or contact me on Etsy at TresBelleKnits by October 10 to redeem your credit!

Thank you, everyone, for participating!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

200 Fans Giveaway!

Because of the Facebook rules that say fan pages can't host giveaways, I've decided to host them here, on my severely neglected blog! ;)

This giveaway is a BIG one!

There will be THREE random winners chosen by The giveaway will be open until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, October 3.

To enter, please comment HERE on this blog. Don't forget to include your EMAIL ADDRESS so I can contact you if you win!

You MUST be a fan of my Facebook page to enter.

First prize will receive a $25 credit that can be used toward any item in my shop.
Second prize will be a $15 credit, and third prize will be a $10 credit.

The credit must be used by Sunday, Oct. 10.

To enter, go to my shop on Etsy, TresBelleKnits, and tell me what your favorite item is! That's it! Easy, right? :)

The winners' names will be posted Monday! Good luck!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dr. Who?

Yes! Another random, rarely posted blog entry! Yay!

I've decided to try something new. Go in a different direction with my blog.

I have a difficult time writing ONLY about Etsy and my work. It must get boring for my readers too, right? (What readers? Ha!)

So I'm going to attempt to blog about my random thoughts. Things that cross my mind.

Tonight, it's Dr. Who!

Now, many of you are probably thinking, "What? You mean that cheesy old British show I used to come across while I was flipping the channels in the 80's?"

Yes! Kind of...

You see, as a kid, I watched Dr. Who. Tom Baker was the Doctor then (dating myself much?) and yes, it was full of cheesy goodness.

But what I REALLY mean is the new series.

Here in Canada, our equivalent to the Sci-Fi channel is called the Space channel. I love the Space channel.

This summer, Space decided to rerun the whole new Dr. Who series, starting with episode 1 with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, every night at midnight.

Being the night owl I am, and having been interested in seeing the new series, I watched. And watched. And I've watched every night since.

And boy do I get bitchy on weekends or holidays when Space decides to air crappy horror or sci-fi movies instead of my Doctor!

Season 1 was good. But I didn't really like Christopher Eccleston until the last 3 episodes of the season.
And then he was gone and David Tennant took over as the Doctor.

And I was a complete goner.

David Tennant, to me, IS the Doctor. He didn't have to grow on me...I loved him right away.

And Rose. Oh, Rose...The perfect companion to my Doctor.

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil it for you. I know I've recently stumbled upon some spoilers and I was so NOT impressed. I love not knowing what happens. I love seeing it through new eyes.

But I'm now...well, Space is now halfway through season 3 with David Tennant, and I'm still going strong.

So strong in fact that recently I went out and spent way too much money on every single episode of Dr. Who from the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, to the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.

It should arrive in the mail any day now.

So if you don't see my around Facebook or on Etsy...I'll be in the TARDIS. With my Doctor. ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some of My Favourite Things

So since I suck at blogging, I'm going to try something different!

I'm going to write about some of my favourite Etsy purchases and shops!

First on my list is littlemissfrilly. She sells AMAZING hats for kids. Of course, she's a good friends, but that doesn't mean I can't give her a little praise, right?

Here's just a bit of her work.

Next is rosarenee. Rosa makes upcycles earrings out of magazines and other paper products. How cool is that?!
Again, she's another wonderful friend...but really, what better people to promote?

Here is Rosa's work!

The third seller I love is clairebabydesigns.

Claire made me the most amazing bag...out of an old tee that I LOVED but I knew I would never, ever fit into again!

All I had to do was send her the tee and she took care of the rest!

You can see my actual bag here, but here's a pic from her shop too.

And there are three of my favourite shops!

Since this was so much fun, I'll do it more often....I hope!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Front Page Experience

On Saturday, Feb. 6 at 1:00pm EST, my Openwork Crochet Fingerless Mitts were featured on the Front Page of Etsy.

Call me stupid, call me silly...but I actually cried because I was so excited and happy to see something I created there.

I still half expect someone to purchase something from me and leave me feedback saying, "This person doesn't know what they're doing! She's only pretending she's artistic! She can't crochet or knit worth beans!"

I wonder if all crafters feel like that. Do they know they're good? Or do they have doubts, like I do?

I know it's a self-confidence thing. I've gotten so many compliments on my work and all of my feedback is wonderful....I guess I need to work on that, huh? ;)

Without further adieu, here's a picture of my Front Page!

You can see that my wonderful friend, Joy of littlemissfrilly shared the spotlight with me. That was the icing on the cake. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm so darned neglectful!

My poor, poor neglected blog. I still love you. Promise.

I'm just so busy, y'know? Okay. That was a lie. I'm sorry. It's just....well...I never know what to write about!

My life is pretty boring, really. I crochet. I play with Belle. I watch TV. I play with Belle. I talk to Scott. Some days, I cook dinner. Most days, I don't. I play with Belle...


Speaking of Belle, some of you may know (although most of you don't, so I'll fill you in!) that she's almost 2 and she's a bit delayed with her speaking and her eating.

She gags. A lot. When she eats anything chunky.

Cheerios are fine. Gerber Puffs are fine. Sometimes Microwaved chicken fingers cut-up into teeny little pieces are fine.

She doesn't chew! How do you teach a child to chew? I've tried! Trust me. I sit here day after day and eat with my mouth open so she sees what I'm doing with my food...but she doesn't get it!

Today, we made some progress! Today Belle ate Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli, cut up into teeny, tiny pieces....and didn't gag! Meat and all!

That was the highlight of my day.

She's also starting to finally understand me more.

A month ago, I would ask her where something she should know was, and she would stare at me with a blank look on her face.

Today, I can ask her where her Elmo book is and she'll look for it. I ask her where the ducks are and she'll point to them. I ask her what a monkey does and she'll say, "Ooo ooo ahh ahh".

She still only says a few words..."Duck ("Duh"), star ("Daw"), uh oh, daddy, hi ("Hahhh"), hot dog ("ah dah"), all done ("aw dah").
But she does a ton of animal sounds, monkey, elephant, frog, cow, horse, duck, pig....I'm missing a bunch...
And she's picking up more signs. All done, milk, more, eat, light, help.

So...she's catching up. Slowly but surely. And eventually, someone from the program her doctor referred us to will call and we'll be able to get a little more help with her eating and speech.
But who knows when that will be because we've been on the waiting list for 2 months now and haven't heard a damn thing!

And on that note, I'll leave you with this:

An awesome pair of fleece socks I bought from one of my favorite sellers,

Aren't they great? !?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Treasuries....Oh my!

I've had a really bad last few days.

My cousin left his girlfriend and is now sleeping on my couch for a few weeks. There's a ton of drama involved that just makes me emotionally tired, y'know?

My routine is all messed up with him here, although he does work 12 hour shifts so he's not here a lot....but still...

So's been a rough few days.

Then tonight, I noticed I had a few more views than usual. Weird, but no totally out of the ordinary.

Just out of curiosity, I checked Treasury Hunt....and I see that I'm in FOUR TREASURIES!!!


This made EVERYTHING all better!! LOL