Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Treasuries....Oh my!

I've had a really bad last few days.

My cousin left his girlfriend and is now sleeping on my couch for a few weeks. There's a ton of drama involved that just makes me emotionally tired, y'know?

My routine is all messed up with him here, although he does work 12 hour shifts so he's not here a lot....but still...

So's been a rough few days.

Then tonight, I noticed I had a few more views than usual. Weird, but no totally out of the ordinary.

Just out of curiosity, I checked Treasury Hunt....and I see that I'm in FOUR TREASURIES!!!


This made EVERYTHING all better!! LOL


  1. Congratulations on your treasuries! Your hats are lovely (especially the forest green one with the white flower, I love cloches!), and your photos are very well done. I hope the treasuries bring you lots of sales!

    And I hope things work out with your cousin. It's very kind of you to help him out in a rough patch.

  2. that's really awesome - not many people know about treasuries - let alone know about being in one! luckily you found out! I always love the surprise - it's not often - but when it is - it makes my day too! kg

  3. Congrats on the treasuries!

    Take a look at my blog, there's something for you there on my newest post! :)